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Italy has been the epicentre of European art for centuries, with Italian artists contributing a massive amount of work to our cultural history

Now we bring forth the new era of artists working with newest and most advanced technologies.

We built what we call the “depARTment”, the first art department fully dedicated to the world of entertainment. Here we love to investigate the imagination and help you design and preview the scenes of your next film, tv series, product or artwork.

We use a wide array of visual representations to tell your story, from traditional to unconventional tools, from storyboards to drawings, handmade maquettes and 3D digital assets for animatic, animated artworks, 3D print model, photogrammetry and everything in between.

Our team composed by emerging Italian artists is led by the visionary artist Tommaso Ragnisco, with a solid background in fine arts and design given by 30+ years of experience in cinema, design, television, advertising and special effects.

Tommaso Ragnisco

Creative Director t.ragnisco@frame.it

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