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We create visual magic for the media industry.
Born in Rome, we deliver everywhere.
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  • Davide Luchetti

    Davide Luchetti



  • Domenico Bocchini

    Domenico Bocchini

    General Manager


  • Lorenzo Foschi

    Lorenzo Foschi

    Founder-Partner & Commercial Director


  • Augusto Di Tomassi

    Augusto Di Tomassi

    Finance & Administration Director


  • Emiliano Cerfeda

    Emiliano Cerfeda

    Head of Commercials and Special Projects


  • Martina Cestrilli

    Martina Cestrilli

    Head of Cinema Post Production


  • Alessia Marucci

    Alessia Marucci

    Executive assistant


  • Sergio Strampelli

    Sergio Strampelli



  • Fabio Cerrito

    Fabio Cerrito

    Head of Vfx Department


  • Dario Di Vito

    Dario Di Vito

    Cinema post production producer


  • Vladimir Vasilijevic

    Vladimir Vasilijevic

    Color scientist


  • Stefania Brancorsini

    Stefania Brancorsini

    Post Producer Commercials and non scripted TV Shows


  • Laura Pace

    Laura Pace

    Post Producer Commercials and non scripted TV Shows


  • Mara Misino

    Mara Misino

    Front office


  • Claudio Del Bravo

    Claudio Del Bravo



  • Maria Teresa Ventrella

    Maria Teresa Ventrella



  • Paolo Landolfi

    Paolo Landolfi

    Flame Artist


  • Nicola Pentecoste

    Nicola Pentecoste

    Vfx Producer


  • Alessandro Sabbioni

    Alessandro Sabbioni

    CG Supervisor


  • Marco Geracitano

    Marco Geracitano

    Compositing Supervisor


  • Sandro Rossi

    Sandro Rossi

    Sound Designer


  • Chiara Bucaccio

    Chiara Bucaccio



  • Michele De Angelis

    Michele De Angelis

    Online Editor



  • Post

    We develop customized workflows and take care of day-to-day management, performing pre-color work when requested. We provide assistance with data, the color and imaging pipeline, Color Science and monitor calibration.

    A post production supervisor will accompany you throughout the duration of the project, managing assets, timing and deliveries.

    The use of the best creative technologies in the field of color-grading and video post-production (Baselight, Resolve, Flame) leave you the space to freely choose the look of your content. Baselight, unquestionably accredited as the best color correction system, is our spearhead in color to guarantee total security and freedom from intervention.

    • Conforming
    • Color Correction
    • Dailies
    • Archiving
    • Screening 20 Pax
    • Mastering HDR

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  • Sound

    We are certain that our ability to deal with all the phases of the audio / video processing of a product within our headquarters will guarantee seamless workflows to grant necessary serenity for those who entrust us with their projects and dreams.

    To avoid unnecessary, or esure the delicate transfer of materials, we offer agility and timeliness in dealing with all your problems with maximum safety.

    • Dubbing
    • Syncronization
    • Mixing
    • Mastering

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  • Vfx

    Taking advantage of the best artists in the Italian and international market, our VFX department is formed by a young, prepared team with highly valuable experience.

    We can manage your digital assets simultaneously from anywhere in the world using ftrack. The VFX department guarantees maximum discretion on your projects.

    Our team is engaged in digital character creation, crowd multiplication, set extension, and CGI up to the most complex compositing, to be able to work at its best on commercials, films or a television series.

    A producer dedicated to each project will ensure that budgets and timing are maximized and up to date.

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  • Design

    Design is our soul, and we haven’t sold it to the devil. Standing out in a crowded market is of utmost importance to our creative pros.

    If you are a large Italian or international broadcaster, a distribution company, a content provider, a production company, a communication agency or an American football team, we probably took care of your brand.

    Are twenty-five years of television and advertising graphic history enough to prove we are the right fit for you?

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  • Editing

    The purpose of Frame by Frame is to welcome and pamper its customers, and our highly sought-after editing rooms perfectly manifest this desire.

    We have 15 rooms, all designed with a view, to ensure a healthy working environment for those who choose to follow this delicate, and often long, work phase with us.

    Our Cut Zone hosts two Editing Suites with two adjacent assistant rooms reserved for your most important projects that require maximum discretion and comfort for the director.

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  • Digital Delivery

    A dedicated team performs meticulous QC on your materials and will assist you in solving audio and video problems before making your delivery to national and international television networks, content aggregators and OTT.

    The Finishing department realizes Dcp (encrypted or otherwise) for large-scale distribution on CRU (terrestrial) media, also dealing with the production and management of KDMs with 24- hour remote assistance.

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